Pastor Lonnie W. Brown

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The Pastor and founder of our ministry, Lonnie W. Brown, began his journey with God as a young man. In the early 70's, while struggling with a serious heroine addiction, he began visiting St. James Church of God in Christ. While there, he began to minister in the choir. During one evening service he was spoken over by the guest minister and given the prophetic word, "You will be saved tonight". That word soon became a reality. He was also delivered of his addiction and has never used since then.

A short while later, at age 20, he suffered a massive heat attack. While he was hospitalized in a shared room with individuals who were not surviving their battles, he heard a voice saying, "In three days I will get you out of here." At that time he did not know the voice of God, yet he learned of Him very quickly. God was true to His word and supernaturally healed him.

While he was attending St. James, he met the beautiful, young woman named Frances Mae Wortham, the granddaughter of a prominent Pastor in Mississippi. They were married on June 9, 1973. Lonnie and Frances began to seek out the wisdom of God for their lives, and remained faithful to their ministry for years. With a call from God and the approval of their Pastor, they began Manna Ministries on May 5, 1980. The two of them and their four-year-old son, Antoine, were the charter members. 

Manna Ministries began to grow tremendously and rapidly moved to bigger buildings to accommodate membership. In 1988, God spoke to Pastor Brown and instructed him to change the name of the church to Kingdom of Heaven Ministries. This new identity coincided with the international call on the ministry to help expand the gospel of the Kingdom into the entire world.

Lonnie W. Brown is the Pastor of Kingdom of Heaven Ministries and host of TCT’s Thy Kingdom Come. He is also a regular host of the network's Ask The Pastor show as well. He is a recording artist, seminar trainer, and international conference keynote speaker. He has been all over the globe sharing the gospel of the Kingdom in places such as Africa, France, and the Pacific Rim. He is also recognized as a community leader, having been selected to do a special invocation for President George W. Bush. His 30 years of experience in the ministry has produced over 35 books and manuals, including Finding Purpose In Pain, Time The Trainer not the Torturer of my Faith, a book of spiritual word definitions/principles/keys, Words In A Different Light, and numerous biblical training materials such as The Anatomy Series and Life Management Skills, and the Pastor’s Proverbs, an in-depth study guide on the book of Proverbs.