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Lesson 9: 

Online Motivational Gifts Test

        The purpose of the Motivational Gift Test is to help reveal to you how God uniquely created you by revealing the different gifts inside you that help make up what motivates your decision making with regards to your personality and training. It will show you why you respond to things the way do. We are all uniquely designed for a specific purpose in life and God has placed in us different gifts that motivate and stimulate us in different ways.

          Your gift test results that we will be looking at will yield results in 3 areas: primary, secondary and complimentary. Your primary motivational gifts result is basically how you respond in most instances. Your secondary result is how you respond in the event you can’t respond as you would normally, and your complimentary gift result show the balance of your personality.

             Your primary motivational gift shows your actions or responses may also be influenced by your secondary gift (the one with the next highest score), or your formal training, so don’t just take your primary gift result as how you would respond in all cases. 

          Click the button at the bottom of the page to take the test.  Once you have your top three scores from the test be sure to email them to your instructor for further review.

Areas of Ministry Your Gift Works Best

 Below is a chart of the motivational gifts and what areas of ministry they may correspond to based on the temperament of the motivational gift. The results are not listed in order of rank so don’t just assume the first gift listed is the top result. Also keep in mind to consider your secondary gift with respect to understanding your motivational gifts and where you might fit in ministry as well.

KHM Areas of Ministry.jpg

 Note to other Ministries: 

The above chart is based on the areas of ministry at Kingdom of Heaven Ministries and can be augmented to suit the areas of ministry at your particular ministry.

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